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 Latest news releases

Energy, November 2021 - preliminary data

Electricity, natural gas, coal and petroleum products, November 2021
According to the data of the State Statistical Office, in November 2021, the total consumption by types of energy commodities was: 699
451 ?Wh of electricity, 47.974 mil. nm3 of natural gas, 319 373 tonnes of coal and 102 983 tonnes of petroleum...   117

Average monthly net wage paid per employee, November 2021

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, the index of the average monthly net wage paid per employee in November 2021,
compared to November 2020, was 105.6.
This increase is caused by the increase of the average monthly net wage paid per employee in the sectors: Professional, scientific and
technical activities...   40

Upcoming news releases:
30.06.2022Live births, deaths and migration by urban and rural areas and by regions - final data2021 
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06.07.2022Enrolled students at higher schools and faculties2021/2022 
06.07.2022External trade - preliminary data01-05.2022 
07.07.2022Consumer price index by COICOP and Retail price index06.2022 
08.07.2022Issued building permits05.2022 
11.07.2022Indices on import prices from division Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (19)05.2022 
11.07.2022Industrial producer price indices on the non-domestic market 05.2022 
11.07.2022Industrial producer price indices, total 05.2022 

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