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Revision of data in accordance with the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010)

In 2014, the State Statistical Office revised the data on gross domestic product and the aggregates of national accounts for the period 2000-2012. The revision was carried out in accordance with the Five-Year Statistical Programme (Official Gazette No. 20 from 2013) and the Revision Policy.

The European System of Accounts is a system created with consistent methodology as a mutual framework based upon common definitions, classifications and calculation methods, which ensure closest comparability of data for all European countries, especially for gross domestic product, i.e. gross national income and especially the percentage of public debt in relation to GDP as an indicator for the fiscal policy. The System also defines the methodological bases for calculation of regional GDP.

The process for preparation of changes in the ESA 1995 methodology began with the revision of the System of National Accounts (SNA 1993), which was conducted by UN, OECD, World Bank, IMF and Eurostat. In the System of National Accounts, a total of 44 changes were detected and officially adopted, some of which are methodological in nature or provide further clarification of definitions, while others are of an essential nature and they affect the changes in the GDP values of the countries, which reflect the developments and the changes in the economies in the world.

  About revised national accounts data and implementation of the new methodology ESA 2010

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