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Structural Business Statistics

Structural business statistics (SBS) describe the structure of economic activities, by observing the units engaged in certain activities.

SBS provide data for analysing the structure and the evolution of the activities of business entities (distribution of production value, value added, employment, etc. across different activities), the factors of production used (number of employees, personnel cost, investment in tangible goods) and other elements allowing business activity, performance and competitiveness to be measured.

This enables monitoring of the operations and the structural changes of the business entities, which constitutes the basis for market analysis and business decision-making, as well as for the assessment of basic macroeconomic indicators.


Key Indicators
  Number of active business entities in the non-financial business economy  ( 2018) : 58231  

  Number of employees in the non-financial business economy  ( 2018) : 396629  

  Turnover in the non-financial business economy  ( 2018) : 1312068 milion denars  

  Value added at factor cost  ( 2018) : 281656 milion denars  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Number of enterprises is the number of registered legal or natural persons which were active during at least a part of the reference period.

The number of employees is defined as number of persons who work for an employer and who have a contract of employment and receive compensation in the form of wages, and salaries.

Turnover comprises the total accrued incomes from market sales of goods or services to third parties, with the exception of deductible VAT. Incomes classified as financial, other and extraordinary ones are excluded.

Value added at factor costs is the gross income from operating activities after adjusting for subsidies and indirect taxes. In calculation of value added, included are the production value and subsidies on products and production, less taxes on production, taxes on products and value of intermediate consumption that includes cost of materials, cost of industrial services, cost of non-industrial services and part of other personnel costs.


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