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Theme: Environment


Waste by section of economic activity, 2018


According to the data of the State Statistical Office, the sections with economic activity in the Republic of North Macedonia in 2018 generated 1 143 thousand tonnes of waste. Of the total generated waste, 98.21% was non-hazardous and 1.79% was hazardous waste. The greatest share of generated waste was from the section of Manufacturing, 531 thousand tonnes (46.54%).  

In 2018, the total amount of treated waste was 1 142 thousand tonnes. The amount of recycled waste was 524 thousand tonnes. By the waste types recycled, the greatest amount was from the category of Metallic wastes, non-ferrous, followed by Paper and cardboard wastes and Plastic wastes.

Of the total amount of generated waste, 1 145 tonnes were stored waste.


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