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Eurostat is the Directorate General of the European Commission responsible for providing the European Union with statistics at European level and for promoting the integration of statistical methods across the Member States, candidate countries and the countries of EFTA.

The work of Eurostat is structured into nine themes: general and regional statistics, economy and finance, population and social statistics, industry, commerce and services, agriculture and fisheries, external trade, transport, environment and energy, science and technology. Besides the data contained in these topics, Eurostat provides indicators on EU policy.

From 1 October 2004 Eurostat changed its policy for publishing statistical data, in order to allow users easy and free access to all data on the own web site.

Eurostat data are published in English, French and German and on its Internet page you can find over 300 million records, released in the form of press releases, publications, methodologies, classifications or microdata.
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User support

ESDS is a service that helps and guides you how to find statistics about the European Union, Member States and candidate countries.

Within the project ESDS (European Statistical Data Support), the State Statistical Office is one of the authorized centers that provide free assistance to users in search of European statistical data.

If you can’t find the required information on the Eurostat website or if you are searching for additional information, please consult:

User support provides information about whether requested EU data and information are available and where to find them on the Eurostat website, helps with verification of data, provides additional information on methodology and helps solving technical issues.

Working hours of the user support in Macedonian language:
(Mon-Fri 9-15)
Contact information:
State Statistical Office
Dame Gruev 4, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia

   +389 2 32-95-838


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