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Territorial Units

In this area are presented data on territorial units as an important segment in the planning and implementation of statistical surveys, data processing, analysis and dissemination of results.

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units - NTES is based on the territorial organization of the local self-government in the Republic of North Macedonia and it is harmonized with the classification of the European Union - Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics – NUTS, established by Regulation (EC) No 1059/2003.

The main objective of the NTES classification is to provide a unique and unified division of territorial units at regional and local level. NTES is the basis for collecting, processing and dissemination of regional statistics and it is used for planning and maintaining the regional policy in the country.

The NTES Nomenclature has 5 levels as follows:

- At NTES level 1 and NTES level 2 the whole territory of the country is one unit - correspond to NUTS 1 and NUTS 2

- At NTES level 3 there are statistical regions (8 units) - correspond to NUTS 3

- At NTES level 4 there are municipalities (80 units) - correspond to LAU 1

- At NTES level 5 there are settlements (1792 units) - correspond to LAU 2

Due to the hierarchical nature of the nomenclature, the parts of the territories of the 10 municipalities that comprise Skopje as a settlement are separate units at NTES level 5.

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics - NTES was adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in December 2007 (Official Gazette no. 158 of 28.12.2007). Since than, changes have been made in 2014 (Official Gazette no. 10 of 20.01.2014) and in 2019 (Official Gazette no. 131 of 27.06.2019).
Statistical regions and municipalities in the Republic of North MacedoniaCities in the Republic of North Macedonia


Key Indicators
  Surface area  ( 01.01.2021) : 25436 km2  

  Number of municipalities  ( 01.07.2019) : 80  

  Number of settlements  ( 01.07.2019) : 1783  

  Number of cities  ( 01.07.2019) : 34  

  Number of villages  ( 01.07.2019) : 1749  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

According to the Law on Territorial Organization:

A city is a populated place that has more than 3000 inhabitants, has a developed structure of activities, and over 51% of employees work outside the primary activities, has a constructed urban physiognomy with zones for housing, economy, recreation and public greenery, square, constructed system of streets and utility services, and represents a functional center of the populated places in the vicinity.

A village is a populated place with a sole functional meaning in which one activity predominates, and the surroundings have an agrarian physiognomy and function.

Cities and villages are defined by law.


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