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Revision Policy
Major revisions
   Change of base year
   Revision of data, ESA 2010
Revision Policy

The application of the Revision Policy in different statistical areas is a key aspect of the "good governance practice" in official statistics and its importance is equal both at the national and at the international level.

The revision is a complementary part of the regular production process of many statistics, which contributes to the quality of produced statistical data as well as their accuracy.

Bearing in mind that the mission of the State Statistical Office is production of high-quality and comparable statistical data, the Revision Policy constitutes an important instrument for improving the quality of statistical data.

The main objective of the Revision Policy is to achieve broader transparency of the overall procedure of data revision, which we believe will increase the confidence in official statistics and usability of statistical data.

The Revision Policy was discussed and assessed by the Management Board of the State Statistical Office and the Methodological Council of the State Statistical Office. The Policy was approved by the Director of the State Statistical Office.

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