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Census of Retail Trade Capacities

?he Census provides data on the number and territorial dispersion of the sales capacities in the Republic of Macedonia, the number of shops by types, trade activities, size of selling space and at hand storage space, as well as the number of workers directly engaged in retail trade.

Key Indicators
  Total number of capacities in retail trade  ( 2016) : 18 749  

  Stores  ( 2016) : 18 266  

  Gas stations  ( 2016) : 483  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Classic shop is a business premise in which selling of goods to a particular consumer is performed via conventional method of selling by salesmen.

Self-service store is a store (shop) specially built and adapted for retail sale of goods based on self-service, without intermediation of salesmen.

Kiosk (street stall) is a shop with a small selling space, with a special shape (configuration) and special construction material.

Pharmacy is a conventional type of shop in which medicaments, food for babies and children, cosmetics and perfumes are sold.

Car showrooms are conventional shops adapted for selling cars.

Boutique is a classic shop for sale of textile products manufactured at the enterprise which the boutique shop belongs to.

Shopping center represents a group of a large number of shops of various types and dimensions located at the same place.

Number of employees (workers)

Employers are persons who own the enterprise or the single store and at the same time are on the payroll of the shop that is an observation unit.

Sales personnel
This kind of workers includes the number of employees working full or part time, for a definite or indefinite period of time, and who are on the payroll of the store. Self-employed persons are those who work in their own sales facility and who do not employ other persons.

Unpaid family workers are persons that assist in the sale at a store owned by a household member, having a larger number of working hours, but who are not on the payroll of the store.

Sale space

Turnover is the entire turnover realized by the store.


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