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Archive of methodological explanations for the news release:

Electricity and natural gas prices

Status: 28.02.2014

Sources of data collection
Sources of data collection for the semi-annual report on electricity and natural gas prices are Semi-annual survey on electricity prices Ene.C5 and Semi-annual survey on natural gas Ene.C3.

Data scope
In the process of collecting data from the reporting units the method of full coverage is used (for business entities engaged in energy activities, trade and supply of electricity, and business entities engaged in energy activities, trade, supply and distribution of natural gas).

Purchase price is the price of procurement of electricity/ natural gas in the country or from the import.
Price with VAT excluded is Purchase price increased by network costs, distribution costs and all other levies (VAT is excluded).
Price with VAT included includes Purchase price, network costs, distribution costs, all other levies and VAT.
Normal cubic meter is gas volume at temperature 20°C and pressure 1.01325 bar.
Net calorific value = 0.9*Gross calorific value.

Calculation method
Prices are calculated in accordance with Directive 2008/92 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2008, concerning a Community procedure to improve the transparency of gas and electricity prices charged to industrial end-users.


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