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Archive of methodological explanations for the news release:

Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market

Status: 26.02.2016

The industrial producer price indices measure the changes of the industrial producer price levels of the industrial products produced in Macedonia and sold on the domestic market.

Classifications and data publishing

The industrial producer prices are collected and processed according to the National Nomenclature of Industrial Products (NNIP/2008), and the indices are calculated at the level of groups, divisions and sections of the National Classification of Activities (NKD Rev.2).

The industrial producer price indices on the domestic market are published by sections and divisions.

The indices cover the following sections:
- B (Mining and quarrying),
- C (Manufacturing),
- D (Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply).

The indices cover the following divisions:
- from section B, divisions 05 (Mining of coal and lignite) and 08 (Other mining and quarrying),
- from section C, all divisions except division 26 (Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products),
- from section D, only class 35.11 (Production of electricity).

Also published are indices which show the price dynamics according to the final use of the products, classified into 4 groups and 2 subgroups:
- energy,
- intermediate goods except energy,
- capital goods,
- consumer goods:
- durable goods,
- non-durable goods.

Data collection
The prices, which are a basis for calculation of the industrial producer price indices, are collected with the statistical questionnaire:
  • Monthly report on industrial producer prices on the domestic market (C.41doma).

The questionnaire C.41doma is mailed to the enterprises selected into a sample at the beginning of the year.

For each enterprise an individual statistical questionnaire (form) is prepared. The questionnaires include only the representative products of selected enterprises. Each selected product has a code with 10 digits from the NNIP/2008 and 2 digits for specification of the product, description of the product, unit of measurement, and explanation and detailed specification of the price changes.

The enterprises fill in data on monthly average prices of the current month (up to and including December 2014 enterprises were filling data on prices as at the 15th of the current month), and send the completed forms to the SSO, not later than the 15th of the month, for the previous month.

The sample covers 260 enterprises with 723 specified industrial products.

The Industrial Producer Price
is the price at which the producer sells the products to the network of wholesale and retail distributors in the largest quantities, on the domestic market, loaded free on rail or truck where the producer is located, or it is the price based on which the producer deals with other producers in the sphere of trade. This price includes producer subsidies, but deducts commercial rebates, discounts, cash discounts and similar reductions offered by the seller.
VAT and excises are also deducted from the price.

The prices in the base period are the basis for comparison of the prices in the current period.
The base price is the price from 2010 calculated as an arithmetic average of the monthly prices of the industrial products.

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