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Archive of methodological explanations for the news release:

Average monthly gross wage paid per employee

Status: 05.01.1900

Data source

Data on the average monthly gross wage paid per employee are from the regular monthly statistical survey LABOUR-1, which covers about 70% on the employed in every section from the National classification of activities.

This survey covers all employees who have work contracts (for definite or indefinite time of work) with business entities from all kinds of ownership and state administrative bodies, local self-government bodies, political parties, public organizations and associations in the Republic of Macedonia.

This survey does not cover: persons who work in their own business-professional and their workers and individual farmers.

Coverage and comparison

The survey on average monthly gross-wage paid per employee covers all monthly gross wages for employees who have work contracts.

When the employees don't have payment for one or more months, in that case the data for the number of employees are excluded in the calculation of the average for that month.

In the data for average monthly gross wage paid per employee, besides regular, also included are payments for previous months for those reporting units which do not have their payments on time.

The data on the payments for previous months are processed in the current month, without the possibility of correction of already published and used data.


Total paid gross wages cover: paid net wages for the reporting month, paid personal tax and paid contributions for: pension and disability insurance, for employment, for professional disease.

Nominal indices are calculated from the absolute value of the average gross wages, while the real indices for gross wages are result of the relations of the nominal indices and consumer price indices.


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