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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Consumer opinion survey


The purpose of this survey is to monitor consumers’ tendencies and their expectations for the general economic trend, unemployment, market development, in order to observe their purchasing behaviour, as well as their expectations, and hence determining the monthly consumer tendencies in the short term.


The consumer survey frame consists of the 2002 census data from all clusters of the Republic of Macedonia with more than 35 households.

The consumer survey sample has been designed as stratified cluster sample.

Generally, the consumer survey evaluations are presented as balances.

Balances are constructed as the difference between the percentages of respondents giving positive and negative replies.

Units of observation

Units of observation are the households on the territory of the whole country.

Survey reporting period

The survey is conducted monthly (1-15) based on a sample of 1002 households.

Last updated: 11.02.2011


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