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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Census of school premises of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools

The purpose of the Census of school premises of primary and lower secondary and upper secondary schools is to provide data on school premises in the Republic of Macedonia used by primary and lower secondary and upper secondary schools, regarding the size, pupil loads, construction characteristics of the buildings, how many and what types of schools use teaching and other general purpose facilities and specialised teaching spaces, number of classrooms, laboratories, school workshops, physical education areas, etc., as well data on school land and its use.

To achieve these objectives, school premises are recorded from two aspects:

a) In terms of school building – by recording the real school premises and their capacity utilisation, which means that the area is registered only once, regardless of the number of schools that use it;

b) In terms of school - by recording the space used by schools, which means that school premises will be registered as many times as there are schools that use them.

This Census was conducted electronically for the first time. Data refer to the period from 7 to 11 March 2016.


A school is each individual school unit that provides instruction of a particular kind, under a specific curriculum, regardless of whether it is organised and registered as a separate legal entity or a "local unit", as well as classes that are under the administration of a regular school. Each geographically separated unit is also considered a school unit.

A school building is every building with four independent walls, one or more separate entrances, and is used for school purposes. As a separate building is also considered a building with three independent walls and a fourth wall shared with another building (building in a row), or with one side built into a land slope or rock, provided it has a separate entrance and is used for school purposes. Two joined buildings, connected only by an internal passageway, are considered as separate buildings.

Last updated: 26.12.2016


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