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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Doctors of Science

The data on doctors of science are collected from the higher education institutions, as well as from scientific research institutions and other legal entities that are authorized to organize and conduct post-graduate studies. The data on doctors of sciences were collected with the individual questionnaire "Statistical form for doctors of science " - form SV.70, that has to be filled in by each person that has gained the academic title Doctor of Science (the data refer to the calendar year).


According to the Law on Tertiary Education, tertiary education institutions are as follows: university, faculties and higher schools. The faculties of arts that are carrying out art education activity can be named as art academy.

Faculty is the tertiary education institution that performs tertiary education, scientific, research or applied activity in one or several related scientific or vocational spheres.

The title Doctor of Science is gained by the person that has completed university education, first and second cycle, and has passed the doctoral dissertation.

Last updated: 09.02.2011


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