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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Gross fixed capital formation

This report contains data on Gross Fixed Capital Formation in the Republic of Macedonia for 2014. The data on GFCF are published according to the purpose of investment, technical composition and type of ownership.


For publishing this report the following data sources are used:

- Annual statistical survey on GFCF (INV.01) that includes data on GFCF by enterprises from all types of ownership (private, cooperative, mixed and state);
- State Statistical Office data for calculation of GFCF by entities which do not have status of a legal person, and calculation of GFCF in the part of machinery and equipment.


The report (INV.01) covers gross fixed capital formation of enterprises from all types of ownership and organisation, which are registered until 31.12 in the reference year. The enterprises have been selected according to the number of employees, generated turnover and import of investment goods in the part of machinery and equipment.

The response rate for the annual survey on GFCF (INV-01) in the reference period 01.01-31.12.2014 was 90.5%.


The methodology used for calculation of GFCF is in accordance with the recommendations of SNA (System of National Accounts) 2008 and ESA (European System of Accounts) 2010. With the new methodology the calculations of GFCF include Research and Development and Military Weapons.

The value of GFCF, calculated according to the sources mentioned above, is an item for calculation of Gross Domestic Product according to the expenditure approach. For analysis of GFCF, the National Classification of Activities NKD Rev.2 and the Classification of Products by Activity (CPA) are used.

Last updated: 30.09.2015

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