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Women and Men in North Macedonia, 2022


We hereby present the thirteenth edition of the publication “Women and Men in North Macedonia”, prepared on the basis of data collected by the State Statistics Office through its regular statistical surveys, as well as data from other participants in the National Statistical System. Taking into account the content of the previous editions, this edition is intended to maintain the continuity of the published data and present new content that will provide insight into the demographic, educational and economic characteristics of women and men in the Republic of North Macedonia, in accordance with the recommendations from the analysis of all editions of “Women and Men in North Macedonia”, produced in collaboration with UN Women, with whose support, the State Statistical Office increasingly works on the advancement of the work with gender statistics.

The presented indicators from gender statistics allow monitoring of the process of establishing equal opportunities and equal treatment of women and men in various areas of life: education, employment, judiciary, social protection etc.

Date of release: 14.03.2023
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Number of pages: 106
Language: Macedonian


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