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Gross Domestic Product and Gross Fixed Capital Formation, by regions, 2000 - 2006


Regional economy accounts as a subsystem of national accounts have an important role in the creation, implementation and evaluation of regional policy and development. Reliable and consistent economic data are the basis for measuring and reducing regional disparities as well as for determining the level of realization of the tasks established by regional development policy.

This statistical review presents an effort to provide data about two indicators that are very relevant while using European structural funds: Gross Value Added as a basis for regional Gross Domestic Products Estimation, and Gross Fixed Capital Formation for the period 2000-2006. In order to produce consistent data, same methodology is used for the whole period.

The presented data are prepared in accordance with the territorial organization adopted with the Law on Territorial Organization of the Local Self-government in the Republic Macedonia and the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics NUTS 3. Regional accounts make use of the concept and standards used in national accounts. However, due to the sensitivity of the data and the implications they may cause, we have to remind the users that the data are experimental effort and their quality depends on the size of the region and the used methodology which, on the other hand, depends on the availability of regional level data.

In order to provide easier use of data, there are explanations of the methodological bases and attributes for the basic data and categories.

Release date: 17.06.2009
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Number of pages: 42
ISBN: 978-9989-197-57-4
ISSN: 1409-7036
Language: Macedonian and English


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