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Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia, 2010-2014


The publication "Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia 2010-2014" is a regular edition prepared by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia. The data presented in this publication are from the regular monthly survey TU-11, which is used for gathering data on the number of tourists and nights spent from all business entities that offer accommodation services in catering trade and other activities. That means that the number of tourists and nights spent also includes data from the private accommodation facilities according to the information received from the tourist bureaus, as well as data from other accommodation establishments.

The statistical survey of accommodation facilities according to star ratings was introduced for the first time in 2008. A direct link between the categorization with stars and the previous categorization cannot be established, and this is the reason for the interruption in the annual data series.

This publication contains data on the number of tourists and nights spent by years, by months, by types of resorts and types of accommodation establishments, by tourists' country of origin, by regions, as well as data on the accommodation capacities. Some comparative data with 2010 as a base year are given as well.

We hope that the scope of data in this publication and the manner of their presentation shall provide users with an easier way to analyze the situation and trends in tourism in the country.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions and comments.

Release date: 05.06.2015
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  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
Number of pages: 51
ISBN: 978-608-227-180-4
ISSN: 1857-5196
Language: Macedonian and English


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