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Sustainable development, 2018


During the last period, the State Statistical Office took continuous efforts to produce and integrate set of indicators as a statistical support for monitoring of the degree of realization of sustainable development concept. Indicators are defined in accordance with the European Strategy for Sustainable Development and are calculated according to a European statistics enabling international comparison.

Improved and updated set of available statistical indicators reflect the trends in socioeconomic, environmental and institutional dimension of the sustainable development is presented in the new. but also last edition of the "Sustainable Development" publication of the State Statistical Office.

Having in mind that it constantly monitors and harmonizes with the European and global initiatives, in the forthcoming period, the State Statistical Office will establish a new framework for monitoring the level of realization of the goals of sustainable development, defined by the UN Agenda 2030.

The Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, adopted in September 2015 at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development, is universal; its goals to be achieved by 2030 will be implemented by all countries in the world. In a balanced way, it combines the three dimensions of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental - intertwined with 17 global goals and 169 goals that constitute a new framework for policy-making in the world, in order to eradicate all forms of poverty, inequality, environment, ensuring prosperity and peace.

By providing a new monitoring framework, the State Statistical Office in the future will undertake activities for raising awareness about the importance of sustainable development and will calculate indicator groups at the national level in order to monitor the progress of the country towards achieving these goals.

Release date: 07.09.2018
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