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Theme: Bussines Tendencies

Business tendencies in construction, second quarter of 2015


The managers of the business entities assessed that the confidence indicator in construction in the second quarter of
2015 is 0.1 percentage point higher compared to the previous one, and 1.7 percentage points higher compared to the
same one in 2014.
The expectations for the total orders (contracts) during the next 3 months are that they will increase, and the
expectations for the number of employees is that it will stay at the same level in the next period.
The assessment of the economic situation in the second quarter is almost at the same level as in the previous one,
but less favorable compared to the same one in 2014, and the financial situation is less favorable compared to the
previous one. The assessment of the present situation with orders (contracts) for construction works is more favorable
compared to the previous quarter.
The selling prices will decrease in the next period and the assessment of the present quantity and quality of the
business entities' mechanization and equipment in the second quarter of 2015 are above the normal level.
The factors that had the greatest influenc+e on limiting the improvement of the present construction activity were:
increased financial expenditures (interests) with 18.3%, increased material expenditures with 16.8%, shortage of
competent staff with 13.0% and increased labor expenditures with 10.5%.

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