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Theme: Information Society

Usage of information and communication technologies in enterprises, 2011


According to the data of the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia, in January 2011, 93.0% of the enterprises in the financial and non-financial sector, with 10 or more employees, were equipped with computers.
In January 2011, 88.6% of the enterprises in the financial and non-financial sector, with 10 or more employees, had access to the Internet.
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technologies (such as ADSL and others) are still the most common type of Internet connection, used by 74.6% of the enterprises with Internet access.
Electronic transmission of data suitable for automatic processing, i.e. sending and/or receiving of data via any computer network (Internet or other), in an agreed or standard format which allows their automatic processing (e.g. EDI, EDIFACT, XML), to or from systems out of the enterprise, was performed by 37.4% of the enterprises.
E-invoices suitable for automatic processing were more frequently received (by 9.3% of the enterprises) than sent (by 6.0%).
Sharing information electronically and automatically between different functions of the enterprise was performed by 47.0% of the enterprises.
RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies were used in 7.5% of the enterprises, mostly for person identification or access control.
Their own website/home page had 58.9% of the enterprises, and 10.4% had online ordering enabled via their website.
During 2010, 6.9% of the enterprises with at least 10 employees had web-sales i.e. have received orders for goods or services via website, while 7.1% sent orders for buying goods/services via website.
Most frequently used e-government services, during 2010, by enterprises that have access to the Internet, were getting forms (78.2%) and obtaining information (76.8%) from public authorities' websites, while the most common administrative procedures managed electronically (by returning filled in forms electronically) were declarations of social contributions for the persons employed (28.1%).
In 2010, around 24% of enterprises with Internet access offered goods or services in electronic procurement systems of public authorities in the country.
In January 2011, half of the enterprises with at least 10 employees had policies for using telephone, web or video conferencing instead of physical travel, and 31.4% provided to the persons employed remote access to the enterprise’s resources (e-mail system, documents and applications) that enable working outside the enterprises' premises.

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