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Theme: Industry


Industrial production volume index, December 2023


According to the State Statistical Office data, the industrial production volume index in December 2023, in comparison with December
2022, was 94.2.
The industrial production in the section Mining and quarrying in December 2023, in comparison with December 2022, decreased by
3.0%, in the section Manufacturing it decreased by 3.2%, while in the section Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply it
decreased by 23.2%.
The decrease in the section Manufacturing is mostly due to decreased production in the divisions,Manufacture of food products,
Manufacture of wearing apparel, Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical product and pharmaceutical preparations, Manufacture of
rubber and plastic products, Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except
machinery and equipment and Manufacture of electrical equipment.
The industrial production by Main Industrial Groupings in December 2023, in comparison with December 2022, was lower in Energy
by 23.9%, Intermediate goods, except energy by 9.9%, Durable consumer goods by 1.9% and Non-durable consumer goods by 7.4%,
but higher in Capital goods by 22.6%.
The industrial production index in the period January - December 2023, in comparison with January - December 2022, was 100.7.

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