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Theme: Livestock and fisheries


Fisheries and Aquaculture, 2023


According to the data of the State Statistical Office in 2023 the total catch of fish was 2 073 341 kg and compared to 2022 it increased
by 0.8%.
Of the total catch, the share of coldwater fish caught are 77.0%, and the warmwater fish catch is 23.0%. Compared to 2022, coldwater
fish catch has decreased by 6.0%, and warmwater fish catch it increased by 33.1%.
Aquaculture production was 1 873 619 kg and participates with 90% in the total fish catch. In 2023 compared to 2022, an increase was
observed in aquaculture production, and a decrease in commercial and recreational fishing.
In 2023, 121 million pieces of eggs were produced and juvenile fish with a total weight of 189 530 kg, which compared to 2022 is a
decrease of 7.5%. Of the fish species, the rainbow trout is the most bred as a juvenile.
For fish farming, fish ponds, pools and canals and cages are mostly used as facilities.
The number of employees in fish production in 2023 is 222, of which 201 are men. In 2023, 9 223 people were engaged in recreational
fishing, of which only 66 were women.

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