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Metadata Strategy 2013-2015

As statistical metadata becomes an increasingly important part of statistical information for all parties involved (data providers, data producers and data users), it is vital to ensure that State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia (SSORM) business gets the most benefit out of Metadata System introduction.

In order to achieve this, SSORM needs to make sure that the type of Metadata System chosen supports organization business and adds most possible value to it.

It is important to plan ahead for the development of the Metadata System, which will need to be able to grow and adapt to any changes in statistical production business.

The future of Statistical Metadata lies in a professional approach to system design and software development, producing metadata-aware applications that can use, capture, present, manipulate and re-use metadata and the associated resources which it describes.

The Metadata Strategy provides a roadmap for how metadata will be structured what metadata standards will be adopted, where and how it will be captured and stored, for what reasons it will be used and in what kind of overall statistical data production system architecture it will be implemented.

You can download the entire document: Metadata Strategy 2013-2015.


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