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The Light Peer Review (LPR)
The Light Peer Review (LPR) of the State Statistical Office (SSO) of the Republic of Macedonia was undertaken within the framework of the EU-funded project ‘Global assessments of statistical systems of candidate and potential candidate countries as well as ENP countries’.The company ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH, under contract with Eurostat, was responsible for organising all activities and tasks relating to the LPR.
The review process was initiated in response to a request made by the SSO to Eurostat in February 2010. The review mission took place from 2 November until 5 November 2010. The structure of the LPR is closely aligned with the methodological approach used in the peer review process of EU Member States. This particular approach focuses on the institutional environment and dissemination sections of the European Statistics Code of Practice, and comprises of the following principles: (1) Professional independence, (2) Mandate for data collection, (3) Adequacy of resources, (4) Quality commitment, (5) Statistical confidentiality, (6) Impartiality and objectivity, and (15) Accessibility and clarity. The LPR is limited to the National Statistical Institute and its coordinating role within the national statistical system.
The LPR yields a report assessing compliance with the Code of Practice for the selected principles at indicator level. The report is compiled based on the information collected during a four day on-site mission, as well as on the basis of material provided by the SSO and Eurostat prior to and during the mission (in particular the LPR self-assessment questionnaire filled in by the SSO). The report includes a set of improvement actions covering the reviewed principles of the Code of Practice.
The peer review team very much appreciated the well-prepared visit and the openness of the communication both with the staff of the SSO and with representatives from partner and stakeholder organisations. The peer review team is confident that the peer review will be of benefit to the further development of the SSO.
Members of the peer review team:

  Mr. Günter Kopsch
\Ms. Hana Slegrova
Participant from Eurostat:
  Ms. Janne Utkilen
  Ms. Buket Hasancebi (Turkish Statistical Institute)
Mr. Dragan Vukmirovic (Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia)

You can download the entire document The Light Peer Review


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