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End of the Pilot Census


The Pilot Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of North Macedonia, which was conducted in 32 enumeration areas in 13 municipalities, was successfully completed within the deadline. All activities planned for the Pilot Census were completed on time and the State Statistical Office is satisfied with this operation. Certain elements in the application need to be modified, the scope and size of some enumeration areas were determined, and most importantly, the enumerators and state instructors employed in the State Statistical Office handled perfectly the role of enumerators and successfully carried out the entire field activity.

During the Pilot Census, a total of 3 839 buildings, 4 572 dwellings, 3 184 households and 10 267 people were enumerated, while 1 400 dwellings were found empty, and 30 people refused to be enumerated.

The State Statistical Office continues with the activities for preparation of the main census activity to be implemented in April 2020.

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