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Bilateral Screening for Chapter 18 - Statistics


The delegation of the Republic of North Macedonia, led by the deputy chief negotiator Drita Abdiu Halili, yesterday and today in Luxembourg reports on the bilateral screening for chapter 18 – Statistics.

–Statistics is of particular importance for the overall development of our country, it contributes to good planning and monitoring of the macroeconomic stability, improvement of the business climate, the functioning of the labor market and finances, better quality of the education, infrastructure, innovations, i.e. to the advancement of the economic integration in the European Union, Abdiu-Halili pointed out at the meeting.

The European legislation relating to statistics is continuously implemented and amended in order to adopt new methodologies, technologies and techniques for data collection and analysis.

Representatives from the State Statistical Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Institute of Public Health, as well as other state institutions working on this chapter will present to the experts of the European Commission the level of compliance of the national legal framework with European law relating to the chapter Statistics.

The level of implementation of the existing legal framework will also be presented, as well as the institutional capacities needed for the full implementation of the new European regulations and directives that were presented by the European Commission during the explanatory screening that took place in September of this year.

Our negotiation team is fully committed and ready for the challenges ahead.

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