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Population projections of the Republic of North Macedonia by 2070


The publication "Population projections of the Republic of North Macedonia by 2070" was promoted today in the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia. This publication is the result of the population projections made for each individual year until 2070.

This project of the State Statistical Office is the latest major achievement of the institution, which has once again proven itself as a professional partner that offers decision, policy and strategy makers official data as a basis for their further work on creating the future of our country, based on evidence.

"Population projections shape the essence of our society and affect our mutual future." - said the Director of the State Statistical Office, Mr Apostol Simovski, in his opening address at the event, adding that the projections are the basis for taking measures and guiding the social flows in the right direction.

The President of the country, Mr Stevo Pendarovski, also gave an address at the event, pointing out that:

"...The population is rapidly aging, and the country is rapidly emptying. We have already reached the demographic projections of the United Nations for our country for 2030. Based on the census, the State Statistical Office made the projections, according to which, by 2070, the population would decrease by as much as 35%, that is, from the current 1.8 to barely 1.2 million inhabitants...".

"...The solution lies in making systemic changes and decisions that create predictability and consistency, regardless of the political will, which brings about something that is invaluable for any development – strengthening of security and trust..." – pointed out the Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi in his address referring to the importance of the population projections, especially at this moment when the National Development Strategy is being prepared.

The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Ms Jovana Trenchevska, spoke about the social aspect of the projections, emphasising the fact that "...the population of North Macedonia is ageing, that the average household is becoming smaller, and that the age of marriage and starting a family is increasing...".

The United Nations Population Fund Office in the Republic of North Macedonia is a strategic partner and supporter of SSO’s activities. "...The projections, which are being promoted today, must be put into context and serve as a basic tool for policy makers in making informed decisions and policy measures of importance for the future of the country and its human capital...", said the Head of the Office, Ms Afrodita Shalja-Plavjanska.

At the event, experts Dr. Goran Penev and Jane Krsteski presented the results of the projections, showing the possible scenarios of how the population would change by 2070.

These are the second projections for the Republic of North Macedonia after its independence – almost 25 years after the first projections were published in 1998.



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