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European Commission's Progress Report, 2020


Chapter 18: Statistics

EU rules require that Member States are able to produce statistics based on professional independence, impartiality, reliability, transparency, and confidentiality. Common rules are provided for the methodology, production and dissemination of statistical information.

The country is moderately prepared in the area of statistics. Good progress was made, especially in implementing the pilot phase of the population census and testing the new census methodology that partly relies on administrative data. Improvements are noted in all statistical areas and further aligning of sectoral statistics with EU standards. Continued efforts are needed to improve the scope and data quality of macroeconomic and social statistics. As the last year’s recommendations were carried out, in the coming year, the country should in particular:

  • adopt the legislation and ensure the necessary administrative capacities to carry out the population census in 2021;
  • continue to align financial accounts and quarterly national accounts with the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010);
  • ensure adequate staffing and sufficient financial resources for the State Statistical Office.



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